Cloud Storage Solution Of VinaData



vColdstorage - Durable, secure and low cost storage solution for long term data archiving

vColdstorage is designed as solution for long term data archiving. It’s durable, secure and extremely low cost object storage that suitable for data that rarely access.
vColdstorage can be used for:

  • Patient record data
  • Application log
  • Paper record data
  • Camera data
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Why uses vColdstorage


- Unlimited capacity

- Only take 5 minutes to expand

Simple & Easy

- Set up in 5 minutes with Vinadata web portal


- Transparent & predictable price

- Half price vStorage

Data secure & High availability

- All data Replication by 2

- SLA 99,9% availability

Quickly access to data in 10 minutes

Support 3 types of retrieval policies that suitable for any demands. Fast retrieval policy will get your data ready in 10 minutes, and economic retrieval policy which is longer (5h – 12h) but extremely lower cost. In the middle, normal retrieval (3h-5h) will be a solution if you are not in rush but also don’t want to wait too long.


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