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Camera centralized management on cloud
Better security, better optimization using AI



vCloudcam: virtual supervision on cloud

vCloudcam is a service which stores, manages and supervises camera devices using cloud computing platform. This helps organizations, enterprises and individuals to track all camera devices from different countries, territories or regions. The tracking can be excuted 24/7 from any locations, on any internet devices such as Windows, Android, iOS...



Why using vCloudcam

Connect and centralizedly manage multi-cameras from different locations

Supervise cameras from different locations on the same interface, anytime anywhere, multi-devices and user decentralization.

Keep users’ data safe and secure

All supervising data are stored on the international standard data center system of VinaData, which meets security requirements.

Save cost on establishment, storage and maintenance.

No investments on CD burners or hard drive required to watch, rewatch and use other functions.

Compatible with all cameras available in the market.

Useable with ONVIF standard cameras.

Easy to configure, use and expend the services.

Quick and convenient PLUG & PLAY function. Cloud computing helps expand the service package easily.

Intergrate many supporting AI functions.

Integrate multi-functions such as movement detection, face recognition and more. Help camera to operate smartly.

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