Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) provides virtual space, storage and networking resources, which help enterprises easily expand or narrow their infrastructures as required.



vServer of VinaData is the virtual server system provider service (CPU, RAM, storage) which help customers create, install operating systems and software, or even change the configuration with only one mouse click.
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Broadband internet connection.


Modern infrastructure, outstanding quality.


Easy data transfer support.


System flexibility.


IaaS - vServer


VinaData Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and VinaData Cloud Firewall (VCF) allow you to provide a sensible part of Server System, where you can start the resources on VinaData Cloud in a virtual network managed by yourself, and your resources are secured by the next-generation firewall (NGFW). You have total control of your virtual network and NGFW, including creating subnetworks, internet connection configuration, L4 – L7 advanced secure such as applications, IPS and UTM.
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Security: Providing advanced and flexible security features, i.e: creating NGFW, Security Policy Group and Network ACL, allowing to filter incoming and outgoing data from low internet infrastructure to application infrastructure.


Simplicity: You can create VinaData VPC, VCF quickly and easily by using VinaData control panel with visual interface. Subnetworks, IP range, Security Policy Group and NGFW will be automatically created so that you can focus on creating required applications for your VPC.


Flexibility: Moving company’s applications to the cloud, start web servers/additional applications or quickly increase the advanced security such as IPS and UTM to meet the partner’s requirement on expansion.


IaaS - vVPC


VinaData has been co-operating with the local and international leading CDN providers partners in order to provide the best CDN services to all requests, from personal websites to high traffic video websites. CDN solution of VinaData will help customers reduce their budget for technical infrastructure and improve operating efficiency.
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IaaS - vCDN


vStorage is a flexible and secure storage solution which can be accessed quickly to cloud computing. vStorage is the Object Storage studied and developed by VinaData. vStorage is a great choice for companies and organizations with big data storage requirement and frequent high traffic frequent for movies, photos, stories, documents, static web content, log etc.
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IaaS - vStorage

Monitoring as a service - vMaaS

VinaData vMaaS system helps users track their server status 24/7 and send out warnings to the respective supervisors. When customers install the Agent package or SNMP, the system can automatically extract data from the server and execute.
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Multi-Tenant: customers can manage multi-tenant.


Diversified View Dashboard system: customized for individual customer.


One Click Install: help customer easily use the services.


Diversified multi-channel Notify Alert system: SMS, Zalo, Call, Email.


IaaS - vMaaS

Tape Backup

Tape Backup is a required element of BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery). Nowadays, many companies and organizations choose alternative secure plan by using tape backup inside their data centers with appropriate environment and tight security management.
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IaaS - Tape Backup

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